It’s my Birthday, Imma spend my money

July 17, 2014

Today is my 24th Birthday. I’ve been thinking recently about what I do with my time, and how I would like to spend it more productively. I decided, instead of having goals at the start of every year, I’m going to make some goals starting today. Goals that can be achieved within a year.

1. Learn to ride a Motorcycle. My friend has always been pretty adamant on having a motorbike, and so had I but it was reserved purely for a mid life crisis. It was that purchase I was going to make to stop myself from falling off the rails and becoming an alcoholic or something, you know the sort. I remember my Dad having a motorbike when I was very very little. He has recently got back into it (I guess it’s his mid-life crisis purchase?) and a few things have come to mind, and swayed my decision on waiting.

I’m 24 now, I have no responsibility. Everyone says ‘Oh motorbikes are dangerous, you will get killed on one’. Right now, quite honestly, my biggest argument is so fucking what? What will I leave behind?! Don’t get me wrong, this is not supposed to be some depressing post, and I’m generally not a depressive person. But, if anything when I’m older and the chances of having responsibilities increase, will I want a motorbike? A prominent vlogger on youtube called Baron Von Grumble has a fair amount of videos which I spent the best part of 3 days binge watching. In one of them, he announces he is having a baby and that he has to start prioritising things like bikes and stuff. I don’t have to do that, so now is the perfect time!

Another thing is, I can’t help but think about all that lost time I would have accumulated gaining experience between now and whenever my midlife crisis occurs. Biking isn’t something you can just pick up one day and be good at. It’s a skill that develops, over many many years.

The plan is now I’m 24 to take a DAS in April/May next year. Today, I filled in a holiday request form for May 4th-Friday 8th. That gives me the winter months to save the money for it, and the bike. The DAS will give me the opportunity to ride any bike, any size. I’ve set my heart on a Honda CBR500R, and I will purchase one second hand. I’m anticipating that by the time those 10 months roll around, the prices of these bikes second will have dropped to around £3,500 – £3,750.

2013 Honda CBR500.

My reasons for 500cc is because a 125cc I don’t think will challenge me enough. Because I’m doing a DAS which means the bike I use to take my test on must be atleast 595cc. If the riding school are any good, I suspect I will learn on probably a 600cc motorbike. I can’t imagine learning to handle a bike like that and then going down to a 125. I’m all about progression, I have to feel like I’m making progress. If I was to drop down as far as a 125 or a 300 I wouldn’t get that progressive feeling.

My reasons for choosing a second hand motorcycle; I won’t forgive myself if I buy a new one and drop it. I plan to fit it up with sliders and things, but to buy a new bike and drop it, I think I would die. Second hand, I can live with. My second bike, when I feel ready for it, will be new, I know that for sure.

2. Get serious about working out, as in  I want to stick to it. I’ve been swimming or gym a few times in the morning recently, but because I go to bed late I struggle to wake up in the morning. Because my job is quite relaxed in the sense that I can walk into the office at any time that I like, I wake up tired and think ‘Ah, another hour in bed’. I need to be a little bit more disciplined during the weekdays on bed times. I know once I start making fitness a habit, that sort of thing falls into place. So, starting tomorrow, I’m getting serious!

3. I want to earn a certificate in something. Anything. I was considering night classes, but for some reason I don’t think they even exist any more. I’m going to carry on looking, but I would like it to be in some sort of skill that isn’t using my brain. Something like plumbing or brickwork.






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