Hey, you must have either took a hint and clicked ‘About’, or you were really curious, because you because you are now at the ‘About’ page. You maybe even ended up on here because of the Skype Snapshot post. Well, I can’t tell you too much. I’m now afraid you are either planning to stalk me. Or maybe you are just curious.

Im a 19 year old student in the centre of Birmingham, United Kingdom. I study a BTEC National Diploma Software design, which has hardly any Software Designing in it what so ever. In turn, I have lost all faith in the education system all together, and instead find myself completing work just to get it over with, where I can begin the next chapter of my life.

My move to London shall commence sometime in September, where I will study at University of Greenwich. I have confirmed my attendance on a Computer Security and Forensics course, where hopefully I will learn how to keep retards safe on the interwebz.

I have a strong interest in Video Games, Technology and Audio. That means, life has good graphics, technology gets better by the day, but the audio always stays the same. Therefore, I have to invest in stupidly priced equipment to get my audio fix. Because of this, I enjoy many different genres of music.

I am a fairly positive person, and enjoy meeting new interesting people.

My Blog Updates usually involve me bitchin’ about my iPhone, posting some Youtube Videos, and telling you all about my wonderful existence. I’m sorry if it bores you.

I hope you have learned something about me.


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