See you in two years.

April 29, 2016

It’s been two years since my last significant update, some things happened, some things didn’t happen. I’ve thought about stuff. I’m going to write it down, you know, for nostalgia’s sake.

It’s quite ironic that my last post was about commitment. In fact, I think I will start off where that one ended.

In regards to relationships, I’m done with them for the foreseeable future. The relationship with the girl I spoke of in that last post didn’t last long. In January of 2015, I ended that on my terms. It lasted 7 months.

I never wanted a relationship in the first place, and there were some significant factors into that relationship ending. The whole relationship was built on a facade, she kept a pretty significant illness from me (Asperger’s to be precise, I only found out on the third occasion of her public meltdown in the space of as many months) and my belief that it was a relationship that I needed in my life. That could not have been further from the truth. I was not over Daria at the time, how could I have been just 2 months after it ended? Truth be told, I’m still not over Daria, 2 years later.

I’ve had an awful lot of time to dwell since, so I’m going to spam my thoughts down below.

In my last post, I said that I didn’t like Daria as a person. It’s amazing what I tell myself to try and justify my actions, or sometimes other peoples. Daria was the kindest, most heartwarming person I have ever met. She had fierce determination, way more stubborn than me and that takes some beating. She stood up for whatever she believed in, be that being a god damn vegetarian or fighting to get out of the house.

Daria was the only person I could really be myself with, personality wise. She didn’t always like my way of doing things, or saying the things I said but she accepted me for what I was. She accepted my flaws.Whilst I found it annoying at the time, she made me think of the bigger picture. She used to enjoy conversations about life, deep meaningful conversations about anything. She often asked me “What are you thinking”?, which I found annoying at the time, so much so I would berate her for being so fickle. On hindsight, I miss those sort of questions the most. But on hindsight it was at those times I could tell her anything, any worry or moment that I’m thinking and we would talk about it. I rarely repaid that kindness to her, she deserved better than me, no doubt.

Over the space of 12 months, I managed to drive such a large divide between us that I forced her away.

So, I’ve come to think that it’s not that I don’t want a relationship, it’s just that right now I feel like I don’t deserve one. I had my chance at one of those awesome relationships where you say you were teenage sweethearts. A relationship where you truly make sacrifices for each other. I will never find anyone as good as Daria, so I’m just going to wait for that person to find me. I’m perfectly content with that fact that I might never find that person. I’m prepared to be alone for the rest of my life honestly, I’m totally OK with it. But if the person who makes me feel as good about myself as Daria did, or challenge me the way Daria did ever comes along, I know how important that person will be now. And I would like to think I won’t screw it up a second time.

If you asked me two years ago “Would you ever admit Tom was right”, I would have laughed in your face. But, Tom, you were right.

In November of 2015, I was made redundant from my IT Support role. Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise. I started to hate the industry.

I’ve always enjoyed computers. They just come naturally to me, or more so, solving problems comes naturally to me. Rarely my own problems, but solving problems none the less, be it involving computers or not. Working in IT, I started to hate solving problems. A small rattle from my own computer would have otherwise had me scratching my head trying to figure out whats causing it. Yet, I found working with IT all day, the last thing I wanted to do was to come home and figure out why my Nans laptop wasn’t printing, or helping my Dad figure out his diabolical networking issues. I would delay them, put them off for another day. I didn’t want to keep my own rig nice and clean, or see what’s coming up on the horizon to stay on the bleeding edge of technology.

“Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t”.

I went for 4 interviews, got offered two of them. (My flawless record, ruined). I declined them because of the vibes I had when I was being interviewed. But, a recurring theme would constantly show up. They would ask me if I could do tasks or had experience with skills that were not listed on the job description. I needed to get out of this industry for a while.

It was what one of the interviewers asked me just before I left on my last interview:

Interviewer: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time”?

Me: “….I’m not sure yet. I’m only 25.”

Interviewer: “Well, some people resign themselves to being stuck in IT support forever, never progressing. Is that what you seeing yourself doing”?

Me: “I haven’t thought that far ahead. I would like to think I would progress”.

I sat in my car about 15 minutes later, and asked where I would progress to? I’m not one of the people who think they can take on the world, “I can achieve anything” attitude. I’m a realist. I probably will end up sitting there, assigning tickets to people less knowledgeable than me, but paid twice as much in ten years time if I stay in this industry. I will probably still have the same computer, the thought of working on it too much to bear.

It’s time to think outside of the box.

I had about 4 weeks of browsing, and was chatting with my Dad at the time.

I was making a checklist of all the things I wanted in a job:

  • £20k +
  • Possibility of overtime
  • Some responsibility
  • As a little amount of time in an office environment or sitting for long periods of time with other employees who moan.
  • A degree of flexibility

My Dad instantly made a suggestion.

Bus Driver.

I laughed at first. I’ve never driven anything bigger than my Step Dads Audi, I will never be able to drive a bus. My Dad has been driving buses for almost 4 years now. He remarked that the job is easy, the pay is decent, you can request your working hours/days, change shifts with colleagues and they internally list their jobs before listing them inside the company. They offer progression throughout (He has been offered a more senior role recently, which he declined because “he can’t be arsed”).


So, I decided to apply. It’s free training, a guaranteed job if you pass. The garage is about a 5 minute drive from home, whats the worst that can happen?

The process has taken 4 months. I’ve had to sit 8 tests, a mixture of theory and practical. But, I’m now in the position to say I hold a Category D licence and I’m considered a ‘Professional Driver’. I start my job officially on Friday 6th May.

The catch is that I’m obligated to remain with the company for at least 2 years. If I leave early, I owe them some of the costs of what they invested into me to get me qualified. I can stick it for 2 years .

None of those factors I listed earlier really sold the job for me. What really did, was the people I met through the process. Every single person I met has been kind, happy and to a point, rather over-friendly. I’ve spoken to drivers who say “You know, it isn’t the BEST job you can get, but it’s pretty damn good. You are your own boss in a sense”. Nobody has ever said that it’s the best job in the world. Nobody has said that nothing ever goes wrong, or they never have a bad day. But that’s what I like about it. Everyone is honest.

The companies expectations were outlined from day one. Transport passengers from A to B safely. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. There hasn’t been any hidden agendas or bullshit, just plain and simple transparency.

And when the time comes in two years, I can bail. I have some plans for those two years in terms of personal development. I’m not going to talk about those, because in two years time, I don’t want to write that I haven’t achieved any of them. But, I’m going to try my best.

And if I want to, I can try something new. If I have the opportunity, I can move on in the company. I already have my eye on something, but I’m yet to transport a single passenger.

Let’s wait this one out.









July 30, 2014

Recently, I’ve discovered that I have a huge problem with commitments. Since breaking up with Daria I’ve been really shocked at how many opportunities have come my way for dates, that I have either declined or accepted and got on well with the person and then at some point got cold feet.

On the weekend, I met up with a girl who, on paper, is exactly the right match for me. She’s geeky, likes video games, she knows her way around a computer, she enjoys food (isn’t a fucking vegetarian), she’s funny, witty, outgoing when required to be, but happy to kick back and watch movies.

I met up with her, and confirmed all of the above. I also ascertained that she’s pretty, and definitely girlfriend material. But, no less than 4 days later, two days before date number 2, I’m trying to think of an excuse to cancel it. It’s almost as if, I enjoy the feeling of being wanted, than actually wanting anybody myself.

Tom said that this was because I’m not over Daria, but truth be told I am. When we split up I had time to think about her from a different angle, and I didn’t like her as a person. We weren’t really compatible and probably only stayed together because of the time investment and the familiarity of it all. I have blocked her on pretty much all form of modern communication and don’t miss her in the slightest. If anything, it’s almost like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I don’t have to explain myself to anybody, justify my actions. I think it’s these feelings that are stopping me from making any commitments, because as far as I know, that’s what is expected of you when you have a girlfriend. It freaks me out when I think, “I have to justify why I’m choosing to sit in this Friday and play games”, or “I have to justify why I want to wear this t-shirt over that one”. But, then I can’t decide whether that was just the person Daria was, and it was our in-compatibility that I had to do that.

But, commitments in terms of relationships aren’t the only thing that freak me out. Commitments with friendships, financial commitments, long term commitments, fitness commitments. They all frighten me, and generally are the sole reason I decide not to do many of them. My last blog post, I committed to getting a motorcycle next year. For the past week, I’ve sat here thinking of the things I could spend that money on instead, and whether a motorcycle is really for me. Compare that attitude to what it was last week, and it’s the complete polar opposite.

I’ve done some research on commitment problems, and although the majority of it is relationship based, one sentence really resounded and made sense.

I’m scared of being let down.

I’ve always been a really spontaneous person, who generally lives in the moment. I like to make decisions quickly, and just do it. This way, I somehow feel in control of my environment and I can deal with anything negative right there and then. I get absolutely terrified of the idea of planning something so far ahead, only for it to fail or be let down. The whole thought of it is just…..I don’t know. All I can think of is, what’s the point in putting effort into something so far in the future if it could all end up in tears?

I need to research a little more on how to deal with long term commitments, and the fears that come with them.

God, that was a ramble.

Today is my 24th Birthday. I’ve been thinking recently about what I do with my time, and how I would like to spend it more productively. I decided, instead of having goals at the start of every year, I’m going to make some goals starting today. Goals that can be achieved within a year.

1. Learn to ride a Motorcycle. My friend has always been pretty adamant on having a motorbike, and so had I but it was reserved purely for a mid life crisis. It was that purchase I was going to make to stop myself from falling off the rails and becoming an alcoholic or something, you know the sort. I remember my Dad having a motorbike when I was very very little. He has recently got back into it (I guess it’s his mid-life crisis purchase?) and a few things have come to mind, and swayed my decision on waiting.

I’m 24 now, I have no responsibility. Everyone says ‘Oh motorbikes are dangerous, you will get killed on one’. Right now, quite honestly, my biggest argument is so fucking what? What will I leave behind?! Don’t get me wrong, this is not supposed to be some depressing post, and I’m generally not a depressive person. But, if anything when I’m older and the chances of having responsibilities increase, will I want a motorbike? A prominent vlogger on youtube called Baron Von Grumble has a fair amount of videos which I spent the best part of 3 days binge watching. In one of them, he announces he is having a baby and that he has to start prioritising things like bikes and stuff. I don’t have to do that, so now is the perfect time!

Another thing is, I can’t help but think about all that lost time I would have accumulated gaining experience between now and whenever my midlife crisis occurs. Biking isn’t something you can just pick up one day and be good at. It’s a skill that develops, over many many years.

The plan is now I’m 24 to take a DAS in April/May next year. Today, I filled in a holiday request form for May 4th-Friday 8th. That gives me the winter months to save the money for it, and the bike. The DAS will give me the opportunity to ride any bike, any size. I’ve set my heart on a Honda CBR500R, and I will purchase one second hand. I’m anticipating that by the time those 10 months roll around, the prices of these bikes second will have dropped to around £3,500 – £3,750.

2013 Honda CBR500.

My reasons for 500cc is because a 125cc I don’t think will challenge me enough. Because I’m doing a DAS which means the bike I use to take my test on must be atleast 595cc. If the riding school are any good, I suspect I will learn on probably a 600cc motorbike. I can’t imagine learning to handle a bike like that and then going down to a 125. I’m all about progression, I have to feel like I’m making progress. If I was to drop down as far as a 125 or a 300 I wouldn’t get that progressive feeling.

My reasons for choosing a second hand motorcycle; I won’t forgive myself if I buy a new one and drop it. I plan to fit it up with sliders and things, but to buy a new bike and drop it, I think I would die. Second hand, I can live with. My second bike, when I feel ready for it, will be new, I know that for sure.

2. Get serious about working out, as in  I want to stick to it. I’ve been swimming or gym a few times in the morning recently, but because I go to bed late I struggle to wake up in the morning. Because my job is quite relaxed in the sense that I can walk into the office at any time that I like, I wake up tired and think ‘Ah, another hour in bed’. I need to be a little bit more disciplined during the weekdays on bed times. I know once I start making fitness a habit, that sort of thing falls into place. So, starting tomorrow, I’m getting serious!

3. I want to earn a certificate in something. Anything. I was considering night classes, but for some reason I don’t think they even exist any more. I’m going to carry on looking, but I would like it to be in some sort of skill that isn’t using my brain. Something like plumbing or brickwork.






June 8, 2014

So, I’ve reached one of those moments again where I feel as though I need to get down some of my thoughts.

I’ve recently been on a few dates, none of them I would consider serious. Today however, I went to this one with intent.

I recently started up a profile on eHarmony. I’ve had a lot of results from this website, so I recommend it. It has it’s gripes but I find it a very good online dating app. I started talking to a girl last weekend, and she seems to tick all of the boxes. We have spent most of the week texting during the day, and it seemed positive. She asked me to meet the other night but I had plans to play CS:GO. We arranged it for tonight, and I was…nervous. 

Officially, I’ve been out of the dating scene for the best part of 7 years. I’ve only ever had one proper girlfriend. Weirdly, I wouldn’t consider what we went through as ‘dating’. I don’t want to go too far into it because I’m over it now, so I suppose I’ve never really been on a proper date…

This evening, I donned my best shirt & Jeans combo. Spent an hour on my appearance, but none of that could have prepared me for the moment she walked up to me in the bar.

She was stunning, like, out of my league stunning. She was stylish, pretty, had beautiful eyes and beamed confidence. I have no idea what perfume she was wearing but it was nice. I had prepared myself for the intro conversation, things to bring up if there should be any of that awkward silence. It started off well, neither of us could shut up until the food came. Questions for each other, I was making her laugh, she was making me laugh. We had a lot of things in common, and different hobbies to drive the conversation. 

After we ate, there were moments where there would be 5 seconds of silence every now and again. Everything that I had prepared for those moment’s I had forgotten. I had a planned list of questions ready, and all of them had gone. I was enjoying the flow of the conversation so much before dinner that I had forgotten them all. I mean, it wasn’t intense long periods of silence, but were those moments that were noticeable. 

The date lasted 2 hours, and it flew by. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the night, I loved every minute of it! But, the part that I really don’t enjoy is the aftermath. I’m sitting here analysing everything I said, and thinking of things I could have said instead, or said differently. I’m sitting here wondering at what point should I speak to her and ask for date two? I’m also afraid of the answer, so I’m hesitant. 

I would love a second date with her, but I can’t help but feel as though I made too many mistakes and didn’t express myself in a way that deserves one. 

I also doubt very much that anyone as stunning as that is going to come my way any time soon.





Okay, it finally happened. 

A dialogue between Daria and I.

Not worth discussing the details but it’s clear I need to move on and in order for me to be able to move on I know what I need to do, and it’s what I’ve done with everyone else in the past.

They need to be completely removed from my life, as if they didn’t exist.

It sounds harsh, but I’m a realist. I’m not going to move on from somebody as substantial as Daria without a whole lot of mess left behind. My email address goes back to when we first met. My facebook profile is full of photos. Every little thing needs to be wiped, except on a much larger scale.

Tonight I’m doing the basics. Tomorrow I’m switching all of my accounts to a new email address, resetting passwords etc.

Sunday night I will be destroying every little fragment that she sent back. Photographs, letters, cards. It’s gone.

It’s just how I move on and always have done. 

I was never the perfect boyfriend. But, I know what went wrong in this relationship and I won’t ever let it happen again. Ever. I think a part of me was really hoping to somehow, just some damn how, we would sort this mess out. 

The worst thing is, after I do all of this, if she was to turn up at my door asking for us to talk, I would, I’d beg her to talk to me. Turning up at my house would be the only option she has.




I have nobody to talk to apart from this blog about how I’m feeling right now.

The one person I could used to talk to is gone. 

Well, shit…..

Two long years

April 29, 2014

Wow, it’s been a while internet. 

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to update this blog. I’m bored, so why the heck not.

A lot has changed over the past two years. My life, in all essence should be considered perfect. I have what would be considered my dream job, in January I landed a new IT Support role. It’s 1st line, and to be honest I think I want it to stay that way. I’m not really responsible for anything to tedious, I go to work for 8.30 and I’m out the door by 17.00. The job is flexible. I can work from home two times a week and if I come in late to the office no one bats an eye. If theres anything I don’t want to deal with, I escalate it to the one other guy in the IT department. It’s awesome.

I’m not particularly short of money. I just choose to waste an awful lot of it on materialistic things. I never really noticed this until I got talking to a guy at work, about religion of all things. He’s a Muslim, and asked me if I’m religious at all. I told him I was open to the idea of there being a ‘God’ but I’m a ‘seeing is believing’ kind of guy. He started talking to me about Islam and I started looking into it a little more. Out of the 3-4 religions I have read about in the past, Islam makes the most sense to me. But, alas, back to my original point. He asked me why I was here, on this earth. My answer was to enjoy life and be as happy as I can be in between. But, what he said afterwards really struck a chord with me. He asked me, if I was truly happy. And, if I was, what makes me happy? He said that “famous people all over the world, who appear to have everything. Money, girls, cars and fame, they have it all. However, why are so many of them unhappy?”

I realised at that moment, I use materialistic things to keep me happy for a short while, and then I move on. I move on, and the moment the happiness is emptied from that material possession, I move onto something else. I never really realised this before, and at the moment I’m in a really weird place of trying to discover what makes me happy. As in, truly. I’ve spent a lot of time with friends recently, and that makes me happy. But, as with probably every friendship, you start to get tired of peoples company. I know that’s not wrong. Everyone needs some alone time, and I probably drive my friends to tears as much as some of them do to me at times. So then I sit there by myself, watching TV shows or reading. But then I feel alone. 

Then I decide that I need some form of a hobby. Video Games are a hobby. But then that leads me to the materialistic problem of wasting a ton of money on games. I get bored of one, buy another one. I’ve been really well behaved recently. I’ve found one game that I like and I’m really trying hard to be the best I can be at it. But, that game isn’t fun when I’m on my own, I have to play it with friends. 

Then that leaves me sitting here, quite honestly a little bit depressed. I feel as though my life is literally an endless vicious circle. I can’t count the amount of nights I’ve sat here staring at my computer screen.

I have two solutions:

  1. Find more productive hobbies that don’t cost a lot of money
  2. Try and find a happy balance between current hobbies (and potential new ones).

That lead me to pursuing two things.

  1. I signed up to volunteer for the RNIB about 3 weeks ago. It was an access to IT volunteer who basically travels to peoples homes and help get the access to technology. Be that fixing what they currently have, or completely start out. I’m still waiting to hear back. 
  2. Gym. That starts next week.

Before the guy at work mentioned Happiness and why we are here, I’ve been sitting here assuming how I feel is normal. Like, does everybody feel like this? When I look back, I realise that my life has consisted of that vicious circle for the past nearly 4 years, since I left college. With college, I had something to keep me busy in the evenings. Since I’ve moved into work, I haven’t had anything. No friends I can really go out with in the evenings who live close enough to me to do that, it’s just the same routine. I think the only exception to that was when I lived with Daria for a year or so. 

In other news, Daria and I split up on Friday after what would have been 6 years this time next month. To my friends, it isn’t affecting me. (to my friends, I’m the happiest guy in the world I think) It wouldn’t right? I’m a 23 year old guy who’s been with the same girl for that long and I’m finally “free”. Well, it’s one huge facade. Anybody who comes out of a relationship that long is an absolute bullshitter if they say they aren’t bothered. I need to talk about it, because I’m scared that it’s going to consume me.

You never think it will happen, but somehow it does. I won’t go into the details of what led to it, and I’m not quite sure it was mutual, it’s quite confusing and it all happened so quickly. I sit here, and even every noise I hear reminds me of her. Earlier, a friend was eating something in a wrapper on the microphone and instantly it reminded me  of how flipping noisy she was sometimes when we were watching something. She had a bad habit of sticking her whole hand in the bag of sweets or crisps. And when I say it reminds me of her, it hurt. Literally, I thought about it and my heart hurt. Then the pain led to my arm and I wondered if I was having a heart attack. I wouldn’t wish feeling like this on anybody, and to compound it with generally being unhappy anyways is terrible. I can’t concentrate at work, I spent an hour having a conversations with a friend in the form of gifs. All I’ve eaten today is 4 table spoons of vegetable rice. I also just realised, the day after it happened I purchased £150 worth of new vaping stuff and a new keyboard. Just to illustrate my point of material happiness.

She told me there were a few things to post to my house and what appeared were two boxes to the tune of 34kg. 34kg of memories was in those boxes. I made a joke about getting a whole new wardrobe back as a consolation, but in all honesty I probably wont wear half of these ever again. Some just don’t fit me or are hideous. She even returned items I told her were hers. She returned photographs. Blu-Ray movies, most of which we were super excited to watch in HD together. How the fuck am I expected to watch these? Everything has been promptly rammed to the back of my cupboard, apart from one pair of jeans and a few t shirts. I’ve read an awful lot of advice on a long term relationship coming to an end, and eventually you apparently do move on. I’ll tackle the back of the cupboard in a year or so.

This weekend, me and the lads are going out to try and ‘pull some fat ting’. That’s what single guys who have never been in a LTR think is normal. I’m going, but not to pull. I’m going in an attempt to just try and get all these really weird emotions out of my mind for just one night. if it takes 10 pints of vodka to do it, I’m all for it.

I feel as though in the space of 5 months, my life went to ‘gaining some sort of momentum’ to ‘I have no idea what the hell I’m even doing’. 

I think I just need to take my mind of things, and the sooner I can find those things the better. 




August 21, 2011

It’s been a while blog.

I would just like to say, I love putting all the little intricate details of the puzzle together. The best feeling is when I open the box, feeling the adrenaline through my body at the sheer task and possibility lying before me.

But, when there are pieces missing, I don’t stop there. I go looking, further and further. One day, it will lead my down a rabbit hole there will be no turning back from. But until then, I’m just going to carry on piecing together Jigsaw puzzles.

The best ones are when you don’t get the picture, so you don’t know what your piecing together. It’s like an adventure.

My last post, was a Dell XPS 17 L701X unboxing. I did say it would be in a few parts, but this part I wasn’t expecting at all.

When I recieved my Laptop, I had every intention of upgrading the OS from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, to Windows Professional 64 bit. This, is a lot harder than what it would seem.

I had real trouble getting my USB to be recognised by my new laptop to boot into installing the operating system. It took two nights, with a tonne of help from Adz. We finally managed to get it working, after trying every possible option. It came down to either a dodgy download or funky install. What is important to note that, I had to install Windows Professional twice, because an update fucked up my computer the first time…

After I got it working, I installed all my drivers over night and I was good to go. Everything seemed fine. I installed a couple of programs, and started to download the games I had purchased on Steam again. I noticed my system was slowing up, which was strange considering the i7 processor I have on board, but I put it down to a tonne of updates/downloads and thought nothing of it. Steam crashed that night, and it was late and I kind of lost my temper. By this point, I was pretty bored of my new laptop already. I had sampled a few games on it (it was the first thing I did) so was happy once I had everything sorted, I could do what I wanted to do on it. What I didn’t count on, was this was going to be more fucked up than I could have imagined.

The night after, Daria asked me to install a program called Solid Works for her, which obviously, obliged. It took about 3 hours for the damn thing to install, my whole system was running slow. However, I put this down to my error. I was installing the program off of my external HDD, purely down to me being a stupid idiot.

After it had installed, it wouldn’t open and my whole system would lock up. I had to turn the laptop off manually by the power, which I really wanted to avoid. To cut a long story short, I put it down to a horrible program and decided to uninstall it. I started the un-installation, and went to bed. I woke up in the morning, and it was still un-installing. This confused me, and made me angry at the same time. At this point, I KNEW something big was wrong with my laptop so decided the only thing to do was a system restore before installing this horrible program which I believed had fucked my whole computer up.

I couldn’t do a restore, because apparently my disk had errors. This wasn’t a problem, I would just do a chkdsk and everything would be sorted. I had done many chkdsks before because of my paranioa of when my laptop was acting up in the first place, I knew it would be sorted. 24 hours later, chkdsk is only on 10%, and it is replacing bad sectors. Not a good sign. So, the only other option was to use Dell System Checker. I did a scan of the Hard Drive and it returned an I O error of some description, and instantly told me to contact Dell Support. So, I did.

Overall, I was on the phone to Dell for over an hour. My laptop apparently didn’t even exist, because the service tag wasn’t on their system. After we had got round that problem, they could start troubleshooting. I beat the guy to his BS, and told him I had done a chkdsk, tried system restore, re-installed my OS 3 times and I still have a problem. I’m not sure wether this is a feature on Dell Laptops, or laptops in general, but the support guy told me to hold down the Fn key when the laptop was booting. I did that, and a funky diagnostic checking screen came up, with plenty of flashing lights and bleeps. Sure enough, the Hard Drive returned an error code, which the guy quite plainly replied ‘Yeah, your Hard Drive needs replacing’.

I haven’t even had a fucking chance to use the thing yet, and there’s something wrong with it. What I am happy about however, is that it will be here on Friday, and Dell were pretty neat about it. They apologised a million times, and so did the supervisor. I’m quite happy about the service I received, but still kinda gutted at the same time. I mean, yeah, I haven’t really had time to use my laptop, and wouldn’t have used it any ways yet due to spending time with Daria, Dead Space 2 and friends, but still the principle stands that a laptop that is exactly a week old needs parts replacing already.

To top it off, I have done something to my back which has left me practically stranded in my stupid room for 2 days now. Only today has it eased up a bit, but and sudden movements sends a sharp pain through the bottom half of my back. I have no idea what I have done to it, all I can do is hope that it passes soon. I have been dosed up on painkillers and had a cooling patch on my back for quite a while now, and would just like to move around a bit faster than what I am right now.

So this weekend, I am finally going to get round to Part 2 of my Dell XPS coverage, which I think will be a Hardware review.




Well, today, my new Dell laptop arrived. This is going to be the first of 3 posts, which is the unboxing. To follow, I will post a hardware overlook and a software overlook, both with my comments and thoughts. For now, just take a look at these pictures to see what’s in the box.