Apple Fanboys

August 31, 2011

Recently, a few Apple fanboys have been speaking to me about Apple and Steve Jobs and Microsoft and it started to annoy me how ignorant a lot of them are. So I decided to write a blog post. Steve Jobs didn’t “invent” anything. He’s not an engineer.  He’s not a designer.  According to the guy himself, he didn’t even know what a pancreas was when he got cancer. (How ignorant can you be?)

He’s just a good salesman, and a shyster to boot (he defrauded his own friend Steve Wozniak once). The only reason he made an impressive comeback is because he discovered how to defraud yet another group of gullible people: the youth. The iPod was not revolutionary (MP3 players existed YEARS before) and the iPhone is, and still is, a piece of shit.

The aforementioned Steve Wozniak is the man behind the original Mac. Xerox is the organization behind the revolutionary (for the time) GUI. Apple copied Xerox, and Microsoft (arguably) copied Apple, although it is possible that they copied Xerox as well.

If you want to admire someone, admire Bill Gates. At least he never bullshitted anyone and instead of focusing on showmanship he focused on business. Result: richest man in the world, Microsoft dominance, Steve Jobs ousted from Apple.

Rant Over



June 14, 2010

The past week, I have had nothing but the Eminem album playing. I have switched between Cinderella Man, Talking to myself and Space Bound. Today, something about 25 to life clicked inside me. It has the awesome beat that CinderellaMan has, and some of the same vocal as Talking to myself, but I can really feel the heart Eminem put into 25 to life. Definately my favourite song.

Been playing Call of Duty all night, which was awesome xD

I also just watched the last 30 minutes of Bruno on Sky, and I forgot how funny that movie was! I was going to work whilst having the ambient sound of TV in the background, but instead watched it all.

Also, I’m dissapointed with Microsoft this E3. Playstation Move on the other hand looks immense! They took the Wii and made it appeal to me, which is definately an achievement. I wonder if it’s only because I seen Socom being used with it? Microsoft on the other hand have a virtual pet? No brainer!

You’re no good for me!

August 22, 2009

I feel like watching Watchmen, really badly. Daria got it for me on Bluray 2 weeks ago and we didn’t get round to watching it because of all the Dexter and House and other films we watched instead. We also went to London for a week, and with no Bluray player at her house, we didn’t get to see it then.

I just got out the shower and Daria was fast asleep. No point in watching an intellectual film, if your too tired. The first time she seen it she didn’t enjoy it, so the second time needs to be different. Simply because Watchmen is possibly the greatest movie ever! I can’t wait to see it in Bluray, high def ftw.

I have a few really important things that have to be done and soon. I need to get my hair cut. I forefeited my hair appointment when I went to Darias. I hate long hair, but thats commitment for you. 😉

I also need to sort out an eye appointment, I recieved my letter towards the beggining of summer, but it’s something else that I have continually put off because of spending time with my girlfriend. Well, that needs to be sorted too, otherwise I wont be able to get my new glasses and no more contact lenses. Im supposed to take these lot out in a weeks time.

I need to figure out what the hell College is up to. I recieved a letter which seemed to say I had already enrolled, but I vaguely remember being told I would have to enroll again myself. The last time I walked into college was the day I walked out for the Summer, so I haven’t enrolled for year 2. It states I will recieve a timetable on the 8th, is that in the post? Go figure. Apparently, term starts on the 10th. Awesome. Im missing all the boys. This year will be fun, we have University to look forward to, and many open days together, just to bunk college for the day!

I finally got my Xbox sorted, but it feels unsorted because it isnt fixed and back in my home again. Damn Microsoft, HURRY!

My surround sound is also knackered. The central speaker is fubarred, really. It’s picking up some sort of interference from somewhere and makes a really horrible loud noise. Either that, or its my Sub. My plan of action is to sort out the wires first, then if that doesn’t work Im going to replace fuses. If that doesn’t work, Im SOL.

I also really need to get House Season Two.

I also really would like to go and see Inglorious Basterds again. That film, REALLY is that good!

I want to get a CD rack too, maybe 2. Like, big enough to fit Cd’s and DVD’s on, because they are all tucked away in my Wardrobe where I can’t see what I have. I have the perfect place for them, it’s just a case of getting my arse to Ikea after I get paid and spending about £20.00. I might do that after Christmas.

I would also like to hang some photos in my room. The only real art work I have is of a Volkswagen on my wall. I put it up with the intention to get two more. Well, that never happened and it looks really odd. Instead, I would like to just get about 8-10 small glass clear frames and place some pictures that have been taken recently on my wall.

However, it all seems so pointless knowing in about 8 months time, I will be moving out of my bedroom, packing all of my things away into 2-3 suitcases and hauling ass to London. That is, if everything goes to plan.

Usually, it doesn’t.