Apple Fanboys

August 31, 2011

Recently, a few Apple fanboys have been speaking to me about Apple and Steve Jobs and Microsoft and it started to annoy me how ignorant a lot of them are. So I decided to write a blog post. Steve Jobs didn’t “invent” anything. He’s not an engineer. ¬†He’s not a designer. ¬†According to the guy himself, he didn’t even know what a pancreas was when he got cancer. (How ignorant can you be?)

He’s just a good salesman, and a shyster to boot (he defrauded his own friend Steve Wozniak once). The only reason he made an impressive comeback is because he discovered how to defraud yet another group of gullible people: the youth. The iPod was not revolutionary (MP3 players existed YEARS before) and the iPhone is, and still is, a piece of shit.

The aforementioned Steve Wozniak is the man behind the original Mac. Xerox is the organization behind the revolutionary (for the time) GUI. Apple copied Xerox, and Microsoft (arguably) copied Apple, although it is possible that they copied Xerox as well.

If you want to admire someone, admire Bill Gates. At least he never bullshitted anyone and instead of focusing on showmanship he focused on business. Result: richest man in the world, Microsoft dominance, Steve Jobs ousted from Apple.

Rant Over