Hauppauge HD PVR Unboxing

January 12, 2012

First of all, I must apologise for the terrible quality pictures. I couldn’t find the camera anywhere so I had no choice but to use my pathetic phone to take pictures. Not the best quality Unboxing I have done but still, you get the idea. First of all, Amazon Prime delivered. Ordered it yesterday and it arrived ONLY 20 minutes late (Guaranteed delivery by 1pm via HDNL) so no complaints there. Although, the amount of packaging they used for such a small box is still annoying.




Inside Packaging

Inside Packaging











Back Input/Outut

Back Input/Output


Matches latop

Matches laptop


However, one this worries me. Despite all my research and fact finding I still have my doubts about why this piece of equipment has the potential to blow.

Comic fucking sans

Comic fucking sans





July 23, 2010

Two late nights in a row followed by two early get up’s isnt as easy as I remembered it to be. After having a few weeks off college, and being able to go to bed and wake up when I want to regularly, has been awesome. However, when I stay up late now, and get up early it takes it right out of me. I have no idea how I managed whilst at college!

Last night I spent the entire night playing games untill about 3am, and then I decided to watch Yes Man on Sky player. I turned in at around 4.30-5am.  I forgot how funny that film was, and I need to watch some more movies with Jim Carey in. It wasn’t a great idea going on Call of Duty earlier because of the foul mood I was in. I got really pissed off and had to take a break for 30 minutes or so. I went back and just didn’t care if we won or lost, but could feel myself getting more frustrated than usual. With so much on my mind, I couldn’t even get a 5 kill streak.

Needless to say, I woke up in a mood today and I’m just as pissed off as I was yesterday.

I’m now at work, and bored out of my brains.

Gun Slinger

May 22, 2010

Well, howdy partners! I picked up Red Dead Redemption yesterday, traded in a few games for it and it is quite good! Multiplayer is a hoot with friends, especially when you are creating a posse and going around terrorising everybody.

I also managed to completely finish my games assignment the other day, thanks to Tom.

We were playing MW2 and there was a party of about 7-8 of us, which means we could only play Ground War. The only thing is, only 3 of us I actually knew, the rest were little kids that Tom somehow knows, no kiddin’ they are all 11 year olds. They were in our party, obviously I had muted them all because their voices are just stupid.

About 2 minutes into the game, Tom starts bitchin about lag, so I told him instead of screaming down the mic about it, why doesn’t he kick the 11-year-old kids so it’s just the 3 of us, then we can enter a smaller game. After that, he took the huff and decided to play Fifa instead.

For some reason, that put me in a real working mood and I worked from about 5pm, till roughly 1am the next morning! All my Unit is finished and ready to print, which also boosted my WhatPulse a tonne.

Yesterday was really sunny, which always makes me feel a little bit sick, but not because of the weather. It was sunny, but not ‘OMG HEAT’ sunny. It was just a pleasant sunshine. Whenever we get sunshine, it means everybody immediately puts on their shortest skirt and most disgusting tops, baring flesh all over the place. Seriously, no need to reveal.

Today, I really don’t feel very well at all, my head kills for some reason, like a real sharp pain. I took Nurofen about 2 hours ago and it hasn’t done a thing. It spreading to the back of my eyes now, I can feel a dull pain coming on.

Well, heres another Unboxingwrapping, this time Alan Wake for Xbox 360, the Limited Collectors Edition.

Front Box

Sleeve and Inside

Inside opened up

The three incases

Game disc with manual

Bonus DLC code

Bonus Content discs, with soundtrack.

The Alan Wake files

The three cases inside

Games, Games, Games

January 12, 2010

Just looking at the release calender for the next few months, and I’m excited.


  • Army of Two: 40th Day
  • Mass Effect 2. (MOST ANTICIPATED xD)


  • Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • Splinter Cell Conviction
  • Max Payne 3

The pattern? All of them sequels. Not one new title I’m looking forward to. Hmph. Either way, expensive three months.

Hideo Kojima

May 21, 2009

The man behind THE greatest series of video game history will be showcasing a new title at 2am BST.

Nobody knows if its Metal Gear for Xbox 360, A new Metal Gear game or a complete new series.

If you head over to this website, theres a timer with the flashing number 5.

Or is that an S?

Do I stay up to find out?

I did this once before, for the new GTA trailer. The website crashed, and I had to wait untill the morning.

A few games of Halo to pass the time I think.